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How We Help

Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Empowerment

We are here to provide you with customized services to guide and support you throughout your journey into motherhood! At Concierge Nurse Chicago, we deliver personalized, expert care to our clients in the comfort of their home or office. It is our mission to empower women to regain confidence and control of their fertility treatment. Just as all individuals are unique and beautiful, so is each treatment cycle.

Breaking Barriers

The framework of an office setting imposes time constraints, scheduling conflicts, and staffing limitations. Concierge Nurse Chicago is here to break the barrier between those limitations that clients face when requiring expert, clinical resources. Our staff embodies experience in the areas of Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, pre-op/PACU services, High-risk Labor & Delivery, ante-partum/post-partum care, and general medical surgical.

Concierge Nurse Chicago

Support Throughout Your Journey

We provide you with ongoing support, regardless of where you are on your fertility journey. Whether you’re currently or recently pregnant, a new parent, or trying to become pregnant, were here to provide you with support and encouragement. Tailoring our concierge nursing services to your specific needs, we enable you to take control of your womanhood during a period of time where so many things appear to be unknown.

Our Services

  • Fertility Injection Administration
  • Medication Consultation Services
  • Fertility Education & Cycle Support
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Customized Pregnancy/Postpartum
    Support Packages

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through, and it will be someone else’s survival guide.” – Brene Brown

Concierge Nurse Chicago
Concierge Nurse Chicago
Christin Hanan | NursePreneurs

Work With Us

Many of our clients fall victim to the very hectic bustle of the Fertility and Labor & Delivery/Postpartum worlds. Facilitating and carrying a pregnancy, along with delivering a new baby, brings a multitude of hormonal changes requiring extra special attention and support.

We want you to know that you’re not alone! As certified experts in the women’s health industry, we’re here to provide you with premier nursing care while delivering the utmost compassion and ongoing support.