We are a fertility concierge service providing personalized care to individuals or couples undergoing fertility treatments.

 Our team of certified nurses specialize in medication administration, fertility education, and continuous support and encouragement throughout your fertility journey.

Fertility Injection Administration

We closely follow the protocol designated by your healthcare providers to ensure that you receive the correct dose of medication, at the correct time, in the correct way. 

 Single Injection – $150

“Trigger” Injection (time sensitive) – $200

Fertility 5-pack – $600      A savings of $120!

IVF – Full Cycle Injection Package – $1250      A savings of up to $850!

     *Daily injection support for entirety of IVF cycle (up to 14 days)

     **Additional fee for combined AM/PM injections**

FET – Progesterone in Oil Package – $1250

      *Daily injection support for 14 days


      *Travel fee applies to daily injection packages





Concierge Nurse Chicago

Fertility Medication Consultation

Our fertility medication consultation provides you with the information and guidance that you need to feel confident administering your fertility injections yourself. Our specialized Registered Nurses deliver education and detailed instruction on how to properly and safely administer fertility medications, including injections, oral medications, and suppositories. We equip you with knowledge of what is expected of your cycle to ensure that you gain confidence and security in your journey. 

60-minute consultation – $200

Concierge Nurse Chicago

Fertility Coaching &

Cycle Support

Ease your anxieties and gain control of your cycle knowing that an experienced professional is a call, email, or text away! We help you through the complex and often overwhelming process of infertility, providing emotional support and encouragement as you navigate your fertility treatment cycle. Imagine having the warmth and compassion of your best friend and the professional experience of your fertility office nurse, both just a text away.

Think of us as your professional hype woman, motivating and encouraging you every step of the way!



Compassionate Care For Your Fertility Needs